A New Dawn Ayiti Marmont Clinic

Along with one’s need for shelter, basic medical care is essential for all of us to live healthy and productive lives. Working in collaboration with the George Washington University, Inscape has completed schematic design services on a medical clinic for Project Medishare. The clinic will be located in Marmont within the Central Plateau of Haiti. 

A central courtyard connects pavilions housing triage, exam, pharmacy, staff housing, and educational facilities. By creating separate pavilions for the different functions of the medical clinic we were able to reduce the scale of the complex, bring natural light and breezes to each use, and enable the clinic to be built in phases as fund-raising efforts allow. 

In our travels to Haiti Inscape has come to understand not so much our differences with the people of Haiti, but our commonalities. There is empathy of rather than pity towards the people we interact with. As part of the global community we have a responsibility to aid those who are less fortunate then us. A New Dawn Ayiti Marmont Clinic will provide, among other services, vaccines and monitoring of malnutrition in children, preventive care and curative care focusing on women and children, HIV/Aids counseling and testing, and health education to all.