Inscape Publico is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit architecture firm whose mission is to provide professional design services to other nonprofits and those they serve. Inscape Publico has saved nonprofit clients time and funds by providing them with detailed concept design packages, giving them a powerful tool to leverage and expedite millions of dollars of funding to realize their aspirations. Since Inscape Publico is a nonprofit itself, it is enabled to focus exclusively on helping other nonprofits. 

The firm's design work focuses on collaborations with nonprofit organizations that serve the common good. Inscape Publico takes the projects through the first phase of architectural services called "schematic design." The firm creates an architectural vision for its nonprofit partners so that they can leverage the designs in order to obtain the necessary funding, through grants, private financing, and capital campaigns, turning ideas into bricks and mortar. The concept presentation, which include plans, building sections, and 3D images, allow you to share the vision of your future space with your stakeholding community, your board of directors, staff, financial institutions, government officials, and most importantly, potential donors.

Nonprofits of all types are invited to apply by submitting the form below on a rolling basis. Note that nonprofits that are awarded pro bono design services are asked to make a nominal investment in the project to demonstrate their commitment to complete the project. If the organization and project align with Inscape Publico's mission, a member of the team will contact the email address or phone number provided.