kara house

Affordable housing fulfills a basic human need for shelter. However, the positive impact it has on families and the communities in which they live goes far beyond this primary need. Inscape Publico provided the design and Inscape Studio developed the design for permit and construction for the Kara House Cooperative and in January of 2017 ten low-to-moderate income families became first time home owners. As home owners with affordable mortgages, the residents of the Kara House Cooperative now have funds available to spend on health care, food, and their children's education. The stability that home ownership will provide for the residents of the Kara House Cooperative will allow for their long term well-being.

The Kara House Cooperative was purchased through the guidance of Mi Casa, a nonprofit affordable housing provider, and financed in part by the DC Department of Housing and Community Development. It is the mission of all three organizations, Mi Casa, DHCD, and Inscape, to celebrate the diversity of the city with affordable housing contributing to the rich mix of culture, socio-economic backgrounds, and education status of our city. This diversity brings with it unique retail establishments, restaurants, recreation facilities, and entertainment venues, making a positive impact in our communities.