Inscape Publico is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit architecture firm whose mission is to provide professional architecture services for nonprofits and the people they serve. We believe nonprofits deserve access to professional architecture services, thereby allowing them to leverage the power of design to increase the impact of their organizations. Our understanding of the nonprofit community not only fosters excellence in design, but creates architecture that represents the vision, goals and sensibilities of each nonprofit we serve.


Inscape Publico is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit architecture firm co-founded in 2010 by Gregory Kearley and Stefan Schwarzkopf, with the mission to provide professional architecture services to other nonprofits and the people they serve. Our programs jump-start nonprofit projects by providing envisioning workshops, programming, and professional architecture services to help nonprofits fulfill their missions within the spaces we create. Inscape Publico has saved nonprofit partners time and funds by providing envisioning workshops and detailed schematic design packages, giving them a powerful tool to leverage and expedite millions of dollars of funding to realize their aspirations. Inscape Publico creates innovative, contemporary architecture that is socially responsible and environmentally sensitive and has a large portfolio of successful projects at a variety of types and scales.


The growing nonprofit sector needs the services of architects, but with limited funds, they often struggle with the cost of professional design services. When it comes to innovation in business models and taking capital risk, nonprofits are a disadvantaged sector compared to its for-profit counterparts. Though making up a significant part of the economic and social fabric of their communities, nonprofits face enormous difficulties addressing their needs, including the need for professional design services. Inscape Publico offers a creative solution in providing architecture services to nonprofits.


Nonprofit partners have leveraged Inscape Publico's services by raising over $10 million to fund their projects. Inscape Publico serves over 14,000 people and provides an average of 2,000 hours of pro bono architecture services annually.


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For Nonprofits

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