repair the world

Repair the World inspires and facilitates the Jewish community to serve others, both through volunteerism and a year-long fellowship program in service. The fellows are based in four cities, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, where they mobilize and coordinate volunteers to address the needs in communities in those cities. Inscape Publico developed the prototype for new local outreach community hubs to further Repair the World's mission, with each community hub being strategically sited at the heart of a community in need. The community hubs function as a meeting point both for the fellows to mobilize and for the neighbors to interact and learn. 

Within each community hub, open spaces are utilized to foster interaction and accommodate the diversity of focus in each city, while an angled feature wall and carefully positioned enclosed spaces create privacy and places for the fellows to focus on the less interactive work of their important mission. 

Meeting spaces and a lounge area are located at the front to create public space for local interaction. Many walls are used as space for interaction and work rather than separation, by the careful selection of materials to create areas for pinning things up or writing directly on the wall surface.

While being part of a national organization, the community hubs epitomize their GSD "getting stuff done" mindset through learning from local surroundings. Feature walls created by stacks of wire mesh containers intended to  be filled by the found object "waste" of the crumbling cities of the Rust Belt and screen walls comprised of reused wood pallets are reminders to pay attention to our neighborhoods and people. At the same time, the bright branding colors of Repair the World used throughout the spaces serve as a reminder of being connected to the big picture, to repair our world.