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Inscape Publico provides affordable concept design services to our non-profit clients, and those they serve, that are looking to open a new facility, move locations, or renovate existing space. Concept design services entail formulating a solution to a design challenge. In order to accomplish this we will analyze the physical conditions of a site, understand the character and mission of each client, and develop a program that speaks directly to particulars of a given project. We communicate our solution through plans, building sections and 3D images.


Our deliverables, plans, building sections, and 3D images, allow our clients to share the vision of their future space with all stakeholders including their board of directors, staff, financial institutions, government officials, and potential donors. The concept design presentation describes the physical characteristics of our clients' projects, allowing them to obtain accurate construction costs and set fundraising goals. The information generated, and analysis thereof, enables our clients to understand the feasibility of their vision and move forward with confidence.


We believe that innovative contemporary design has the power to inspire positive change within communities. We seek to work with non-profits whose mission it is to foster this change. While focusing on organizations that support the arts and education, we also aspire to work with non-profits that provide humanitarian relief and health and social services.


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