LEDC celebrated its 20th anniversary tonight at the OAS. The neo-classical building at 17th and Constitution with its two-story atrium was a wonderful venue for LEDC’s annual fund raiser. I sit as board chair at LEDC and being the son of an immigrant from Santiago, Chile, the services they provide have a special place in my heart. LEDC’s mission is to drive the economic and social advancement of low- to moderate-income Latinos and other DC area residents by equipping them with the skills and tools to achieve financial independence and become leaders in their communities. Inscape donated $500 to the gala.

In 2008 Inscape Studio designed LEDC’s new space in Wheaton, MD. The 2,400sf space serves thousands of Maryland residents providing services in small business development and lending, homeownership and foreclosure counselling, and affordable housing preservation. Also is in the space is a financial services center that works with that portion of the population without access to traditional banking institutions.

Inscape Publico will be providing concept design services for a new building in Wheaton. The new development will allow us to expand our services in an area that has seen a tremendous population increase over the past decade. LEDC will be launching a capital campaign in the fall of this year to raise the 3 million dollars needed to build the new facility. To learn more about LEDC and to donate to the organization, please visit their website.
- Greg