Thank You from Inscape Publico

Last week, Inscape Publico hosted the first annual Social Impact Design Celebration. There was great food, music, and drink to fuel the evening, and it was a wonderful forum for discourse about the importance of making a positive impact on our local communities through the power of design. The proceeds from the evening support the mission of Inscape Publico, though the impact will have a have a far greater reach in bringing together the talented and dedicated creative professionals of our Nation’s Capital to support others through our collective design efforts.

A special thanks to all our supporters and partners who made the evening possible. We were privileged to recognize Joel Mills, the Director of the American Institute for Architects’ Center for Communities by Design, and Fallon & Children’s Defense Fund as the initial winners of the Excellence in Social Impact Design Awards. I would also like to thank Tommy Wells, Director of the Department of Energy & Environment, for attending the Celebration and representing the District Government.

View the Social Impact Design Celebration photos here >

Thank you for your continued support and have a Happy Thanksgiving!