Returning to St. John's School Honduras


This Thursday, 11 June 2015, Stefan Schwarzkopf and I will travel back to Siguatepeque in the Central Mountains of Honduras for the ground breaking of Escuela San Juan, St. John’s School. The ground breaking will be for the cafeteria, the first building to be constructed in our master plan. The structure will temporarily provide three classrooms for the children of St. John’s Parish and later be transformed into the dining hall once additional funds are secured to construct the entire campus. While in Siguatepeque, we will be assisting the building contractor in the layout of the foundation and going over the specifics of the design. The building will be occupied by the students this August, in time for the start of the new school year. 

The construction of the first structure will be a catalyst for Bishop Allen and the Episcopal Church of Honduras in their fund raising efforts, showcasing the architecture of their new campus to the supporters of their mission. In a country where compulsory education ends at the 6th grade and only 51% of children registered complete primary school, it will demonstrate their commitment to the students and parents of St. John’s School. The church’s mission is to prepare their students to engage the future of Honduras as intelligent, articulate, and compassionate people of faith that possess a global perspective and the skills necessary to make a positive impact on their world. The school will be a prototype for 21st Century education in Honduras and will take advantage of the latest technologies and pedagogical approaches to education.

- Gregory Kearley


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